Serious Squeak (other "survey")

German Arduino gsa at
Mon Oct 16 16:38:31 UTC 2006

Ramon Leon wrote:
>>>>Doing all through internet, with an explorer, is an error IMHO. 
>>Don't agree, I think that using the internet browser to get 
>>rich applications interfaces is just the better way to do it.
>>Such alternative is more and more popular, really I think (as software
>>developer) that at this moment have no sense to develop a 
>>(business) traditional app "a la desktop".
>>Think in the common user, that is using/operating web 2.0 
>>apps daily (Google services and a lot of anothers new and 
>>cool web applicatins), going back to use 
>>gray-squared-windows....In my opinion is a sort of case as 
>>when Windows started being common and the users were forced 
>>to use they old DOS style apps.
> I'm a web developer, I love web apps, but I wouldn't want to program in one.
> Programmers aren't common users, and the web, even web 2.0, is not a capable
> development environment, it's slow, clunky, and still faces browser
> compatibility problems and serious security restrictions when run in a
> browser.

I'm not talking about developing on a web browser. The current Squeak 
tools are right for me.

I'm talking of the ui to the user applications.

> Web 2.0 is a fad, a new name given to techniques that have existed for
> years, and have been used for years, let's not get all caught up and think
> it's anywhere near ready to replace the desktop, it isn't.  
> There are alternatives, that do appear ready, XUL for example.  The FireFox
> browser is a fine example of a cross platform development platform that
> doesn't use native widgets, is based on XHTML and Javascript, and yet fits
> right in, feels nice, and works well on Mac, Windows, and Linux.  
> But this is a massive undertaking, you can't just say let's replace Squeak's
> UI as if it were an easy task.  You can't just pull out Morphic and be done
> with it.  These are all revolutionary ideas.  From what I can tell, things
> like Squeak tend to grow by evolution, not revolution.

May be I've not be clear. I'm not talking of throw away nothing. Only 
saying that again is here the ever present discussion about the ui of 
Squeak (meaning the UI to the applications to final users).

Then, my point is that really don't feel that nothing must be changed, 
because Squeakers can develop any sort of app, from web to desktop (from 
wxWindows to Morphic).

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