[OT] Re: Serious Squeak (other "survey")

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Mon Oct 16 18:13:57 UTC 2006

Lord ZealoN wrote:
> Giuseppe Luigi Punzi is my real name, you can to make fun about it too.
> But I think my nick/name is not important in this discussion.

If Bert hadn't suggested your nickname refers to a
scifi overload (i.e. a character from a science fiction
novel), then I'd have guessed it was a character from
a children's video game.

I think this is the first time I've seen a "real" name
attached to the Lord_ZealoN nickname. Didn't you find it
odd that responses to your postings had addressed you
as "Lord". Anyways, I don't think Bert was poking fun,
rather he was pointing out the irony that you were arguing
for Squeak to be taken seriously, yet the only name we
knew you by was Lord_ZealoN, which doesn't leave an
impression of seriousness.

Anyways, welcome to the Squeak community. I'm happy
to see your reports about running Squeak on PDAs.

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