what is the status of multi window

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Mon Oct 16 19:46:32 UTC 2006

> this would close the "lack of a good Internet browser" gap.  Now I'm
> curious how Sophie handles HTML (or other Internet-based) links

Ah, well we cheat, a link is a reference object which in this case  
resolves to a URI, the URI handler then says
oh look a http:// mmm who can handle this link URI, the class that  
leaps to the foreground is
responsible for asking the operating system to open the URI. This of  
course on the mac triggers your
browser of choice to open on the URL via an FFI call, same for  
windows too.

Now of course if the link is a media object the sophie resource  
manager asks the URI  handler who can
read this URI. That of course triggers the URL logic to invoke the  
Squeak htttp logic to read the URI. Mind of course
now that there is a CURL plugin we'll consider if that should be  
invoked to get the information.

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