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Stephan Rudlof sr at
Mon Oct 16 23:03:50 UTC 2006

On 16.10.2006 22:59, John M McIntosh wrote:
> I'm wondering here if anyone has thought about writing some code that 
> attempts to figure out if a given block is changed from the current 
> implementation to having closure
> if that would affect the results of the block evaulation.

> Going forward 
> if you turn on forcecompileallblocksasclosure then how would you know if 
> it would have side-effects or not
> in a random method in the base image?

I assume the wish to have something like forceCompileAllBlocksAsClosures arises from the need to answer this question by test runs: e.g. the result of the block evaluation may depend on how often the block is used, and this may be user/use dependent...



> On 16-Oct-06, at 1:33 PM, Stephan Rudlof wrote:
>> What about two preferences
>> - compileBlocksAsClosuresDefault (default false, for methods without 
>> pragma and pragma value "followPreference")
>> - forceCompileAllBlocksAsClosures (default false with no effect then; 
>> overriding pragma and previous pref, if true)
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