[ANN] ZurgleRemake

Hans-Martin Mosner hmm at heeg.de
Tue Oct 17 06:09:55 UTC 2006

Todd Blanchard schrieb:
> I notice that there are a lot of themes for various window managers
> available in places like
> http://themes.freshmeat.net/
> It would be cool if we could take advantage of these.
Yup. I've played around a bit with GTK bitmap themes, but not to a point
where they could be actually used within Squeak. Part of the problem was
that the gtkrc file syntax is woefully undocumented, and that my old
machine was pretty slow, so that recompiling the SmaCC parser for gtkrc
files took forever. With my new computer, the situation is a lot better,
but at the moment I don't have enough spare time to spend on this
project. If someone on the list understands how the GTK bitmap engine
and themes work, you're welcome to take my SmaCC parser and build
something with it.


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