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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 20:59:37 UTC 2006

Ok so continue and we test and focus on your changes on the next  

By the way I'm most of the time not politically correct and direct  
but never impolite (or at least I try not to). The problem is really
mail and the short amount of time we should spend write them if we  
want to have a chance to do something else.
I decided to write less.

>> Hi tim
>> What is your state of mind regarding the changes you are doing  
>> (which are great, needed and wished).
> In a ideal world I think I would like the opportunity to insert  
> these changes *before* the stage where you condensed the sources;  
> it would allow the version history to continue for a while longer.  
> What I'm doing should allow 256Mb source/change files plus open the  
> door for more interesting ways of storing source. It would mean  
> retreating to beta for a month or so. I understand that we are not  
> in an ideal world.
> Obviously, changes to a basic facility like source access ought to  
> get some testing before general release so I guess the changes  
> should wait for the next release - preferably a near term release  
> that concentrates on cleanups and bug fixes and not making enormous  
> alterations.
>> It seems to us that they should go in 3.10 alpha because we are  
>> late in the process.
>> Do you have strong feelings about that?
> Well, yes I do, but a lot of people are very tired and frazzled and  
> following my feelings about process would probably just melt  
> people's brains right now. I  most definitely wish I had had more  
> time available months ago to do anything helpful but I didn't and  
> that's just how it is. We must try to move onwards.
>> Stef (you see I even try to use politically correct english for a  
>> european and french like me this is a real challenge)
> I don't worry too much about 'politically correct' but I do hope we  
> can manage a reasonable level of politeness in general.
> {Then again, that was the original intent of the foolishness that  
> has grown into political correctness. Let a few self-important  
> academics get hold of the idea, cook in a steamer of bureaucratic  
> busybodying, mix in some timid administrators and some annoying  
> lawyers and pretty soon "let's try not to stereotype people and  
> avoid insulting everyone" turns into an exercise in newspeak self- 
> censorship. Sigh.}
> tim
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> tim Rowledge; tim at rowledge.org; http://www.rowledge.org/tim
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