[BUG] Magritte and MorphicWrapper does want different asMorph method.

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Oct 17 10:51:09 UTC 2006

Sungjin Chun puso en su mail :

> Hi,
> For example, Object>>asMorph is defined
>   in Magritte:
> asMorph
> ^ self description asMorphOn: self
>   in MrophicWrapper
> asMorph
> ^ self morphicWrapperClass on: self
> .
> Because of this, after loading Magritte, MorphicWrapper's
> tab-and-code-voila! does not work :-)
> Any fix or suggestion for me?
The same what made for math morphs revival, but as I don't have Magritte
don't know if could cure the problem,

Filein and tell.


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'From SqueakLight of 16 August 2006 [latest update: #401] on 14 September 2006 at 12:21:14 pm'!

!PasteUpMorph methodsFor: 'event handling' stamp: 'edc 6/1/2006 09:17'!
keyStroke: anEvent
	"A keystroke has been made.  Service event handlers and, if it's a keystroke presented to the world, dispatch it to #unfocusedKeystroke:"

	super keyStroke: anEvent.  "Give event handlers a chance"
	(anEvent keyCharacter == Character tab) ifTrue:
		[(self hasProperty: #tabAmongFields)
			ifTrue:[^ self tabHitWithEvent: anEvent]].
	self isWorldMorph ifTrue:
		[self keystrokeInWorld: anEvent]! !

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