[ANN] Installer bootstrapping scripts

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 17 15:14:11 UTC 2006

Lex Spoon wrote:
>> Installer is an experiment in creating a Domain Specific Language for
>> installing a complex project consisting of packages from monticello
>> and squeakmap of various versions.
> Can you compare this to the simple dependencies of Package Universes?
I am sure that I could if I understood the question.

I think a simple answer may be that Installer makes no attempt to 
manage/resolve or otherwise handle dependencies.

My aim is to put the control in the hands of the user through 
readability and the ability to interact with the script in the workspace.

My expectation being that once I have made an installation script which 
works including all the components that I want/need. (i.e. I manage the 
dependencies) Then I can share this in a way that is useable by others 
and they can see exactly what I have done and the order in which I have 
done it.

does this answer the question?


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