Roadmap proposal for 3.10/4.0

Alan Grimes agrimes at
Tue Oct 17 17:55:21 UTC 2006

Ken Dickey wrote:

> Current (3.8/3.9):
>   2i isNumber. "false"
>   -4 ln. "NaN"
>   -4 sqrt. "exception"
>  Alternate Code:
>   2i isNumber. "true"
>   -4 ln. "(1.38629436111989 +3.141592653589793i)"
>   -4 sqrt. "2.0i"

> I consider this a "community issue".
> Questions:
>   - Are there users of complex numbers (does anyone care)?

Apparently, complex numbers are the most common class of numbers in the

>   - Assuming yes, are there objective criteria for choosing between alternate 
> implementations?

Similarity to what math books talk about?

> I am actually agnostic as to which code base gets chosen, but we really should 
> get the answers right.

Squeak appears to be a superlative platform for doing number theory and
other maths, I think things will only get better if complex types are
implemented across the board. =)

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