Islands [was: Capabilities in Squeak]

Michael van der Gulik squeakml at
Tue Oct 17 18:53:46 UTC 2006

Lex Spoon wrote:
> Michael van der Gulik <squeakml at> writes:
>>Hi all.
>>Does anybody have code (particularly VM modifications) which allow
>>Capabilities in Squeak?
>>In particular, I'm referring to code that implements stuff described
>>on this page:
> This is my old "Islands" project, done during an summer internship
> with the Squeak group in 2000.  The group was just starting to work on
> sharing EToy's.  For example, that was when the SuperSwiki and the
> web-browser plugin were developed.

Islands is used in Croquet. I'll have to see how they're used there and 
what changes have been made.

Do you mind if I grab your code and run with it? Also, what license is 
this released under? MIT?

Many thanks!

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