Serious Squeak (other "survey")

Marian Csontos Marian.Csontos at
Wed Oct 18 13:50:19 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I think many people try to be too serious, or at least to look so, which
give them the feeling of self importance. But they forget what really matter
is to enjoy what you do. The best thing can happen is, if your work is your
hobby, if it is a kind of "toy for adults". People usually lose capability
of playing at some age and exchange it for false importance feeling. And it
take some time to discover this ability again.

May be enjoying your work is the reason many people like to join some
open-source projects - so they can use their skills in something just for
having fun (and to be useful too).

On the other hand, I think it would be useful if squeak provided some "nice"
interface for "business" too.


occassional squeak { 8@)=^TM } user, but its permanent admirer

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