call for release team volunteers

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Wed Oct 18 23:06:44 UTC 2006

Hi -

Thanks for taking the lead on these issues. Couple of questions:
1) What are the deadlines? Both for proposals and for decisions?
2) Shouldn't the board choose a team instead of individuals? E.g., the 
way I read your message is that individuals volunteer and the board 
chooses a number of them to run the release. I'd rather see teams 
volunteer and have the board choose a team. Or perhaps this is what you 
3) What degree of freedom does the release team have in making 
decisions? You say it will "operate under close oversight from the 
board" does this have any specific implications?

   - Andreas

Craig Latta wrote:
> Hi all--
>      The board decided that the release team shall consist of three
> people appointed by the board; whether or not there is a "team leader"
> is up to them. The team will do what we call "forgiving integration".
> "Integration" means simply composing systems from completed
> contributions, and explicitly avoiding development. The members of the
> team are certainly welcome to be a part of development efforts as well
> (as is every member of the community), but that is outside the scope of
> the release team's mission.
>      The team will be "forgiving" in that they will not reject
> conflicting contributions out of hand. Rather, they will first attempt
> to get the relevant parties to resolve the conflicts in a timely
> fashion. We did not discuss whether there should be a rigid timeline for
> each release, nor what the specific contents of any future release
> should be. We can do these things in future board meetings if people
> think they shouldn't be left up to each release team. Likewise, the
> release team will operate under close oversight from the board, and the
> board will make further policy as necessary.
>      We're looking for people who have available time, the diligence to
> complete a release, and a good degree of mutual trust with the
> community. If you'd like to volunteer, please do so here! If you have
> someone else in mind, please contact them privately and encourage them
> to volunteer.
>      thanks!
> -C

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