Retrofitting objcaps (was: Capabilities in Squeak)

Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at
Wed Oct 18 23:49:37 UTC 2006

On 18 Oct 2006 19:36:02 -0400, Lex Spoon <lex at> wrote:
> Perhaps we should go all the way, though, and explore nested classes.
> The only issue there is that it is a major change.  Implementing it in
> the language is not a big deal, but updating all the browsers and
> debuggers and so on looks like a lot of work, especially if you try to
> achieve anything like Smalltalk's level of tool quality.  Still, maybe
> you have to go this far if you want to take the hard line on lexical
> scope and get a usable, security-sensible system.

Nested classes? What do you mean? Are you talking about nested Namespaces (

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