Removing Morphic

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at
Thu Oct 19 01:33:44 UTC 2006

I would go for adopting tweak.

Personally I have never got on with morphic and would much rather see 
something elegant in its place like Model-View-Presenter as used 
superlatively in Dolphin.

When I last asked for an update on how tweak was progressing this was 
the reply.

 > * we are 3.8-based by now
 > * we use Monticello packages in an MCConfiguration for most updates, 
still have >  an update stream for complex changes
 >  * Islands are used now for projects, we might switch soon to the 
Croquet island model
 >  * the new graphics interface is still in development
 >  * etoys work pretty well
 >  * not much has happened regarding a scripting syntax AFAIK
 > - Bert -

This sounds pretty good, and etoys lives.

Surely a UI framework could benefit significantly from traits and so it 
would be in their interest to move to 3.9?


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