Removing Morphic (was: Removing Etoys (was Re: A process proposalfor 3.10))

Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Sat Oct 21 11:32:02 UTC 2006

Hello JJ,

JJ> Is the morphic concept a bad one, or is the implimentation just problematic
JJ> at the moment?

I'm not qualified to reply to this but I think that morpic is a great
tool to build UI's. The hurdles where high to me, though there was a
lot of docs and tools. But it was so different, and every time I saw a
drawOn method, I thought I'm on the wrong track.

I think if somebody had bothered to build a BoringOfficeWidgetSet (TM)
we might have a lot less of these discussions. That does not mean that
I think anybody should build that.

I just believe these discussions often are influenced by two IMHO
separate points, even if they are kept in separate threads.

1- Morphic was not created with software engineering but (I wasn't
 there) in an enthusiastic rush. So now it's hard to change.

2- There's no easy way to build business apps that meet native UI
(mainly Win) expectations in feel and look.

And I fear that effort might be taken to resolve 1) (maybe by
replacing it), with the silent hope that 2) will be resolved.
This more from supporters, the doers I think have a clear view.

Hopefully my feeling is just wrong :-))

JJ> I'm just asking, since you seem to be interested in ditching Morphic in
JJ> favour of Tweek.  Or is this just an issue of; it's easier to just replace
JJ> then fix?

To me it feels your second assumption is right.


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