Using Squeak on iPaq 4150

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi glpunzi at
Sun Oct 22 09:41:15 UTC 2006

Aaron Reichow escribió:
> Hola,
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2006, Lord ZealoN wrote:
>> I got  SqueakLight.406 from
> There are other images. I included some links to some- go back and read
> my posts about Squeak on the Nokia 770. The Nokia 770 is a Linux-based
> PDA/internet tablet with a slower CPU, only 220 MHz.
> You'd be surprised, and how fast- and capable- an older Squeak image is on
> a PDA in Morphic.
Ok, I'm going to chek this mails.
>> The first problem is the space. In a pocketpc 30MB (10MB squeaklight,
>> 15MB sources) is a lot of space on storage, and RAM.
> Ditch the sources. I've never bothered to use a sources file when coding
> or using an app on a PDA. Frankly, I've not missed it. You don't get
> comments, but Squeak does a pretty good job of making me never notice. I
> wrote about 60% of the code I wrote for Dynapad on the PDA itself and it
> never got to me once. Mind you, I was working with a device with only 16
> MB of RAM, though all files were on a CF card.  While I've used images as
> big as 30 MB on various PDAs, I reccomend sticking to images 10 MB or
> less, including what apps you want to run, on a CE PDA like you are using.
Yes, for this I'm speaking about shrink the image. For example, We can 
to do without packages (I don't know what, I'm new here) thath a PDA 
don't need.
>> Then, is needed to change the systems fonts, take a good look
>> in the little screen. And then, we need to change something to the
>> browsers looks good in the 320x200 screen (on PDA with QVGA screens,
>> 640x480 on VGA screens)
> I recommend the Lucy font. I use it when using any device with a small
> screen and low res, like your PDA. I don't bother on similar devices with
> VGA screens, where you just can use any old font at 12-16 pt. When I use a
> QVGA Device with Squeak, Lucy is the font I use for most things, window
> titles excepted.
But, what resolution has the Nokia 770? You have seen the screenshots I 
> Heh, I googled this wondering if it was still findable via Google. Sure
> enough, it's on SqueakMap even. But was surprised me is that I am the
> owner, and it's in my webspace. I mean, I just completely forgot about
> this. Anyway, it's a great font to these kinds of devices.
I will chek it too.
> Regards,
> Aaron
Thanks for interesting on my "project" and for the tips.

See you.

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi
Linux User: #370919

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