Image Freezing

Adrian Lienhard adi at
Mon Oct 23 18:48:56 UTC 2006


Unfortunately, this confirms my fear that in the recent Unix VMs  
problems appear which did not exist before.

Could you please report your findings on Mantis, either in an  
existing report that matches the symptom of your problem or in a new  
one? It's important to gather those datapoints so that they do not  
get lost -- especially in your case in which you seem to be able to  
reproduce the problem.


On Oct 23, 2006, at 20:25 , Keith Hodges wrote:

> Having run a brief test, the 3.6 VM works fine for me!
> many thanks Adrian for your help and advice.
> Keith
>> As I see from your first mail you run a 3.8.8 VM on linux. What  
>> might be interesting to try is an old 3.6 VM. In the case of the   
>> problem we found out that  
>> it does not occur using a unix 3.6 VM.
>> Another idea to get more datapoints is to open gdb on the hanging  
>> Squeak process and print out the call stacks.
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