Bug Reporting: squeak-dev vs mantis?

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 06:13:46 UTC 2006

Lots of people are reporting bugs to the list.

It would be a lot more effective to report them to

And more efficient than that to check mantis to see if
the bug has already been reported.

(go to view issues:


type a search phrase. click apply filter)

I realize that reporting to the list is necessary also
because Mantis remains a blind spot for many who might
be able to solve the problem.

Reporting Mantis reports to squeak-dev would be a lot
easier if there was a squeak-dev in the "send a
reminder to" list. This would entail someone signing
up squeak-dev as a reported to the Mantis list.

Would someone please do that? Having to write reports
up twice is an unwelcome imposition on voulunteer

Yours in service -- Jerome Peace

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