Underscore in 3.9 - which default squeak library source?

Andrew Tween amtween at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 24 13:28:44 UTC 2006

> > Unfortunately, the SqueakMap version of Shout is not up-to-date, and has the
> > (confusing) default preference values. I will soon update the SqueakMap
> > with the latest from squeaksource, and then everything should be ok.
> >
> This is the problem for beginners - different latest versions of
> packages between SqueakSource and SqueakMap - confusing. Is SqueakMap
> really necessary for now? Is possible to remove SqueakMap and make
> SqueakSource (preconfigured HTTP MC package sources) default "software
> source" in base image?

I think it is questionable whether beginners should be using 3.9 (until it is
My intention was to wait for the final release of 3.9, test Shout for a few days
using it, fix any bugs, and then release it onto SqueakMap. And to repeat that
process for 3.10 development. This works well for me, but I can understand how
beginners might get confused.

I like the Squeak-dev image because it solves these problems; everything is
pre-installed - no need to worry about where to get stuff, and which versions to

I would be interested to know what release strategies others have for their
squeaksource / SqueakMap packages.


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