headless swiki for Mac OS X? -nodisplay and -headless not available?

Daniel Green javageek at mac.com
Wed Oct 25 00:40:45 UTC 2006

   I'm trying to get a swiki running on my mac such that it starts at  
boot time and doesn't depend on me starting the Mac OS X Squeak app  
wrapper manually upon desktop login.  Is that possible and if so, has  
somebody documented it?  It looks like it should be possible to fire  
off "squeak -headless" or "squeak -display" in a system startup  
script  but I only find Linux and Solaris versions for server-only  
mode.  The 3.8.latest version of Squeak for Mac OS X doesn't seem to  
like either option.

   Thanks in advance for any insights or pointers to documentation.

   Best regards,

-- DanG
Daniel Green, Sun Microsystems
Parkville, Missouri

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