SqueakSource: RESTful URLs?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Oct 25 01:32:11 UTC 2006

Hi Guys -

I've been looking to link up source code directly to web pages and was 
wondering how hard it would be to support RESTful Urls on SqueakSource. 
What I'm thinking about is something like an interface that allows us to 
browse particular classes, for example:


There might be other ways to formulate the request in nicer ways but you 
get the idea, namely that we can link to particular classes and methods 
in a well-defined way instead of having to explain "go to 
http://squeaksource.com/ss.html then click on <versions>, then find 
SqueakSource-pmm.1002, then click on <browse code>, then click on 
SSAccessPolicy, and then click on the admins method".

Since I have never touched the SS code base I have no idea how hard it 
would be to implement such a feature. So perhaps anyone else is 
interested in adding an improvement like that?

   - Andreas

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