Removing Etoys (was Re: A process proposal for 3.10)

Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Wed Oct 25 09:00:54 UTC 2006

Hello Göran,

gks> Ok! So I counted 4-5 people. Two questions:
some more (me too :-)) due to time delays.

gks> 1. Would it be a real problem if you were instead forced to use the
gks> Squeakland image etc?

The idea is so strange to an "average" programmer, that I wouldn't
have noticed it and will stop playing with it just because it isn't
there anymore.

gks> 2. Are you committed in the extent that you would actually join an eToys
gks> team making it loadable? Juan has already shown that it can be ripped
gks> out - next step would be making it loadable I presume.

No. And making it loadable would put it into the large basket of SM
applications I never looked at.

Göran, this is not aimed at you personally:
I hope that we don't create an atmosphere of not saying something
because inevitably the question "are you willing to do it" will

The question is valid but especially with etoys the result seemed
predictable, though I'm astonished how many imho experienced squeakers
use etoys in the standard image.

Best regards,

Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at

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