Removing Etoys (was Re: A process proposal for 3.10)

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at
Wed Oct 25 13:10:02 UTC 2006

goran at wrote:
> 1. Would it be a real problem if you were instead forced to use the
> Squeakland image etc?

there are bigger problems in life. it would just be a shame :)

> 2. Are you committed in the extent that you would actually join an eToys
> team making it loadable? Juan has already shown that it can be ripped
> out - next step would be making it loadable I presume.

I really despise this logic (and I said that before to you Göran, long 
ago, in another thread on this very list).

open source does NOT mean, to me at last, that having an interest in a 
given feature implies a kind of moral commitment in the development of 
that feature.

heck, I'm not contributing to the development of Firefox, Gimp, Emacs, 
Filezilla, 7zip, VideoLAN, you name it... yet I would be sad if these 
tools which I use every day were to disappear. I would let them die, 

too often on this list we see questions or reports like "this feature is 
broken could it be fixed ?" or "that feature would be nice to have" that 
are only answered by a blunt (and in my view quite rude) "then are you 
ready to work on it ?".

I am tired of this trick. a more correct answer would be in the line of 
"nobody seems to be engaged in doing this, sorry".

I don't see the need to pressure people, especially publicly, and 
especially people who participate in the debate about the future of Squeak.

these people should better be thanked for their interest. they are 
contributing ideas and opinions, ok it's not code, but it's not 
valueless either.



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