Removing Etoys (was Re: A process proposal for 3.10)

jvuletich at jvuletich at
Wed Oct 25 14:43:09 UTC 2006

Hi Ron.

You seem to believe there are people around who are wishing to implement
stuff just because others want it, not because of their own interest.

Well, I'm pretty sure there's none.

So, if the very people who are contributing specific ideas is not willing
to work on them, who will?

If we don't find an answer to this question, me must accept answers like
"you do it and it's done".

Juan Vuletich

> I agree with you and have been thinking about the implications of scratch
> your own itch programming.  I firmly believe that this community would
> benefit from listing to users and integrating user feedback into the
> process.  We need to find a way to work together to meet the common goal
> of
> relevance for each participating group.  There is a lot going on in the
> community and I believe we would benefit from integrating the many itches
> that are currently being scratched.  Past that we should be looking for
> ways
> to better organize and incorporate user feedback into development teams.
> (I
> learned this valuable lesson in the business world: There is nothing worse
> then spending valuable resources developing terrific features that nobody
> really wants or needs).
> I also believe that there are a number of programmers willing to
> participate
> but are not able to lead these efforts mostly because of time constraints
> (not ability).  We need a way to incorporate private company's
> contributions, research projects, volunteer efforts, and user's needs into
> a
> cohesive process that advances Squeak towards relevance.  I'm not sure how
> we are going to get there, but it will be a very good place when we do.
> Ron Teitelbaum
> President / Principal Software Engineer
> US Medical Record Specialists
> Ron at
>> From: Stéphane Rollandin
>> Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 9:10 AM
>> too often on this list we see questions or reports like "this feature is
>> broken could it be fixed ?" or "that feature would be nice to have" that
>> are only answered by a blunt (and in my view quite rude) "then are you
>> ready to work on it ?".
>> I am tired of this trick. a more correct answer would be in the line of
>> "nobody seems to be engaged in doing this, sorry".
>> I don't see the need to pressure people, especially publicly, and
>> especially people who participate in the debate about the future of
>> Squeak.
>> these people should better be thanked for their interest. they are
>> contributing ideas and opinions, ok it's not code, but it's not
>> valueless either.
>> regards,
>> Stef

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