Removing Etoys, Morphic and other friends

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Wed Oct 25 16:42:29 UTC 2006

Hi Klaus,

Klaus wrote:
> Believe me: when I write exclamation marks sans smiley then I don't make
> fun of you!
>> But if you mean this, let
>> me clarify. What you said: 'let it rot' is what we (the Squeak
>> community)
>> are doing.
> Then you and me would have a subtle difference: I cannot say that we are
> doing it, because that would come close to a contradiction. Or, perhaps we
> mean "we do" in one case and different "we do" in the other case.
> Unencrypted I mean: yes, the community lets it rot (it *does* it). And no,
> you attempt to do something against that (you *do* it). Strange words;
> programming is easier ;-)

:) That was fun.

>> What I answer is: This is not good enough. Squeak should not
>> include rotten stuff.
> Right you are. But whenever I find rot and: [need to use it anyway] then I
> *must* do something.

Yes. I hope you trigger a reaction on somebody with this!

> ---------break-----------
> Since I firmly believe that almost nobody reads our conversation, let me
> take the opportunity and state the following: Squeak community does not
> lack developer skills. Squeak community lacks managerial skills, badly.
> And, Squeak community does not need organizational skills.
> /Klaus

Juan Vuletich

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