Capabilities in Squeak (attn: Lex Spoon and friends)

Lex Spoon lex at
Wed Oct 25 18:42:25 UTC 2006

> > That's a very small .mcz :-). I've just had a look at your changes,
> > and while they'd work, they'd come with a speed penalty.
> > Essentially, you're just un-doing the optimisations on #== and
> > #class.
> Yes, I did it solely to achieve the functional benefits when working
> with SqueakElib.  Identity is an interesting issue when dealing with
> eventual refs.

Islands also required undoing some of these optimizations.  Especially
#class needed to do something non-trivial, because Squeak's normal
#class lets people redefine the class hierarchy and even the language!

I would not rush to assume there is a real performane hit, especially
for #class.  For #==, maybe, but remember that a sophisticated #== is
a fundamental part of Elib's design.


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