open process issues

Lex Spoon lex at
Wed Oct 25 19:54:56 UTC 2006

Ken Causey <ken at> writes:
> Well it should be noted that this is a complete list of all 'official'
> teams which is a mixture of Steward Teams (those who have accepted
> responsibility for some part of the Basic Squeak Image) and other teams
> like the Website team and future/speculative teams.  Any team that is
> responsible for some part of the image should have 'Stewards' as part of
> the name and the description should list the Class Categories in the
> image for which that team is responsible.  For example:
> Morphic Stewards - Maintaining the Morphic- category of classes in the
> Basic Squeak Image

Okay, I'll start thinking of maintainership as you describe.  It looks
like a good approach to me.

This leaves another thorny question, of course: what *does* happen
with code that has no stewarding team?  Does it not get bug fixes?
Does Marcus simply get it dumped on his head to sort out?  Maybe
that's the best kind of approach that is possible.


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