Removing Etoys, Morphic and other friends

Pavel Krivanek squeak1 at
Wed Oct 25 20:18:57 UTC 2006

> I'm neither a proponent nor an opponent of removing Etoys, Morphic, etc> Instead, I'm wondering what this debate might be about (myth? conspiracy?
> who in squeak-dev knows ;-)
> Very recently Damien's Squeak-dev image has shown that if there is demand,
> there comes supply. The same is possibile with Etoys, Morphic, etc. After
> all, Squeak and ingredients are made of software; neither seat belts nor
> batteries are included.
> So the one and only questions that I hope remains is this: is someone
> willing to remove Etoys, Morphic, etc such that there be one .image
> without it and one .image in which it is pre-loaded. This is like if the
> same factory outputs new, diversified products: always a great idea and
> always improves the reputation!
> And if there is no one who effectively *does* it, let _whatever_it_is_ rot
> in the image-until someone must fix things in order to support her/his own
> stuff. Whether you like it or not, the latter happens anyway.
> I firmly believe that this community is not capable of doing anything else.

Hi Klaus, even now is possible to remove Morphic, MVC, eToys etc. from
the newest images and load it back, see KernelImage and RestOfSqueak
package. Everybody can make step from the endless discussions and
contribute with more than several cents :-)

-- Pavel

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