Removing Etoys, Morphic and other friends

goran at goran at
Wed Oct 25 12:49:09 UTC 2006


Ok, let's back up a bit. If I got it right it is all about deciding on
one of these three ways forward:

1. Stay as now. Keep eToys in Morphic and just live with it, even though
the principal maintainers of eToys (Michael? Yoshiki? etc) actually tend
to do their work in the Squeakland arena. And even though most with a
clue thinks it is a real mess.

2. Throw out eToys (typically using Juan's code - perhaps not as brutal
though - flaps might be nice to have around IMHO) and just face the fact
that it will at least *initially* not be reloadable back in. Direct
users of eToys to the Squeakland image etc in a more clear way, for
example by adjusting to be more clear on this. And then
see if anyone steps up making it reloadable, but do not expect it to

3. Make eToys reloadable (and throw it out), of course, this is the
"best" route. But who will do it? And if noone steps up to do it, is it
okay to pick #2 above instead of #1?

regards, Göran

PS. If I am not mistaken Pavel's code does not make eToys reloadable
with Morphic still being in the image, right? I presume Morphic and
eToys are intertwined. If I am wrong, then hey - that means #3 is
already done and we can all just go for it.

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