Removing Etoys, Morphic and other friends

Pavel Krivanek squeak1 at
Thu Oct 26 09:59:41 UTC 2006

> > Well, *this* part of the debate made me "tout" the "conspiracy" question
> > in this thread :|
> >
> > Did you read Pavel's response to this thread. What he says there is, by
> > the time of this writing, (computer-) ages long known to the community:
> > removable and reloadable Etoys, etc, IN THE ACTUAL 3.9 IMAGE (excuse me
> > for the emphasis).
> >
> > So, how come you still question it? What is it that I don't understand,
> > what exactly are the unknown requirements (and who does require)?
> >From what I've understood, Pavel has split the 3.9 image in two: a
> Kernel image which contains the basic system and a RestOfSqueak that has
> everything else. But it seems to me that the RestOfSqueak is as
> monolithic as the standard image: you can't reload Morphic only without
> loading Etoys, Nebraska etc.
> Pavel, am I correct?
>         Giovanni

Hi Giovanni,

youre right, the RoS is monolithic package and it's not possible to
load Morphic and don't load eToys with it. But we will remove network,
compression, MC kernel etc. from it because this packages are already
independent. This process is done "from bottom". Removing of Nebraska,
eToys and others should be done "from top" but RoS shows
initialization process of Morphic etc. so it can make removing of this
packages more easy.

I hope that we will be able to convert license of whole KernelImage
code and enable to load all rest "non-free" content from Internet.
That is another important purpose of RoS.

-- Pavel

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