ClassBuilder changes

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Thu Oct 26 16:21:57 UTC 2006

Hi Roel -

Roel Wuyts wrote:
> For the change notification I only asumed to get the *name* of a renamed 
> or removed element to be passed around (whether a class or a method or 
> whatever else), not the removed/renamed element itself (for the reasons 
> you mention). But the version in the image is not exactly mine (whoever 
> put it in there made some changes for better or for worse), and this 
> version does not seem to be from me. But ok...

Yeah, it's quite possible. Like I said since the history is gone so I 
can't be sure who changed what but since your initials were the last I 
thought you might know what these changes are intended for.

> I can fix this, I guess (I think that Nathanael was the maintainer for 
> the class builder, but I do not know whether he is still around for 
> this)...
> You need this urgently, I assume ?

I really don't, since I don't use 3.9 at all. It just seems "broken by 
design" and I was curious if this is what's causing the traits problem.

> PS: Can you reply personally to me as well ? I do not follow the squeak 
> list as often as I should :-( But I do fix things that get included in 
> the releases :-)

Sure, can do that. I just don't do it generally unless people ask me 
because personally, I'm just the opposite ;-)

   - Andreas

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