[Q] What I wish Squeak have from minute one

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Oct 26 22:07:49 UTC 2006

Klaus D. Witzel puso en su mail :

> Noooo! I was talking about your suggested formal voting process. Apologies
> if that went wrong. Please post your wishes and concerns. I make this
> comparision: the community opinion is somethings else than the
> communities' members opinion: the whole ~= the sum.

I understand the first time. My Advocatus Diaboli side answer :=)

> communities' members opinion: the whole ~= the sum.
Yes . Like Smalltalk/Squeak is a living thing more what a dumb list of

Wait and see. 

Maybe follow Pavel and Juan from a loooong distance is safer and wiser.

Or try to see if Etoys load in a image without Etoys is Mission Impossible
IV or only something what no squeaker was lucky enough to do. ( Stay tuned)


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