How to set current directory for OSProcess?

Giovanni Giorgi jj at
Fri Oct 27 13:16:10 UTC 2006

Mmmmhh the simpler answer is: do a batch (.bat) passing it the
directory as  parameter...

On 10/27/06, Simon Guest <simon.guest at> wrote:
> Background: I'm trying to call LaTeX from Squeak using OSProcess, so I
> can have nicely formatted maths formulae, using LaTeX preview mode and
> Ghostscript to generate PNG files from the PDF that LaTeX produces.
> But I'm stuck trying to invoke a command such as pdflatex.exe from
> Squeak in a directory of my choosing.
> So, having created a temporary directory, how do I run my command in a
> sub-process with that as the current directory?
> cheers,
> Simon

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