3.8.1 Sloooooow redraw with debugger

Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Fri Oct 27 23:16:39 UTC 2006


Fair enough, but the last time I tried it, printAllStacks() had a few
out of place crs; the output can be improved with some small fixes.  Is
there a way to trigger printAllStacks() from the main window?  It seems
a very useful feature, and should be exposed (or I would like to be
shown how to get to it directly).

For rare bugs, it is helpful to have such tools readily available.


Colin Putney:
The way to do this in Squeak without hacking the VM is to run it
under gdb, trigger the slow redraw, then interrupt it from gdb. Then
you can print the stack for all active threads with "call (int)

Admittedly though, this is a pretty inconvenient technique to use on
something that's not easily reproducible. I find that with the
debugger fix from 3.9, I can go weeks without encountering a slow

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