here is a plan! (was: Smalltalk Reloaded)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Mon Oct 30 15:48:05 UTC 2006

Guy Bloomfield wrote on Sat, 28 Oct 2006 19:30:14 +1300
> 2. A functional issue - The ideal Squeak would have Etoys Morphic in  
> the image and these could be unloaded by the experienced programmer  
> who wants to "Run light without overbyte" whereas the neophyte can  
> enjoy them out of the box

This is a plan that is practical and which I fully support: if we can
unload eToys but not load it back, then let's just include eToys in the
full image that we distribute and allow everyone the one way option of
removing it. I don't mind at all eliminating the Flash logo, the welcome
windows and other stuff every time I begin working with a newly
downloaded image. The fact that I can't get any of these easily back if
I want has never been a problem since I could just start over from a
clean image.

Sure, a reloadable eToys would be even better but I doubt it will

-- Jecel

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