Ken Causey ken at
Mon Oct 30 20:55:21 UTC 2006

I would like to suggest that the community get used to using in preference to our usual .

As has been correctly pointed out there is a long history in the search
engines of minnow URLs and while it would be nice for those to continue
to work in the long run, I don't think it is realistic that GA. Tech is
going to want their hostname used on a server which they do not host or

I think we simply need to face the reality that at some point we are
going to lose that URL.  To that end I suggest that we immediately begin
using in every case.

I have it setup so that URLs like are
correctly redirected for now and once the Swiki is moved hopefully the
same URLs will work later.

Hopefully if we start using these URLs sooner than later the search
engines will begin picking them up even before the use is necessary.
Realistically we are going to have trouble with search engines for a
long time to come, but it can only help to get started now.


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