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Hans N Beck hnbeck at
Mon Sep 4 07:30:49 UTC 2006

Hi Rich,

Am 04.09.2006 um 06:55 schrieb Rich Warren:

> Hi,
> I don't really know anything about FANN. I was planning on just  
> implementing my own (they're not that hard). I'm torn because FANN  
> might save time, but it would also make the code less portable (I'd  
> need to have the FANN library installed on any computer that  
> planned on running the code).

What's about SNNS ( ?  
It has an C API.....
> Portability is probably more important than speed at this point, so  
> I may just implement my own.
> The project I'm working on is actually an aLife simulation. The  
> neural nets would only be a small portion (the brains of the  
> agents). I like the idea of using them, since the weights can be  
> learned genetically (over several generations) as well as modified  
> within a single generation (using reinforcement learning).

Could you tell more about this project :-))) ?



> -Rich-
> On Sep 2, 2006, at 9:41 PM, Herbert König wrote:
>> Hello Rich,
>> RW> Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I'm about to  
>> implement a
>> RW> neural net. I'll be experimenting with many different sizes and
>> RW> topographies. This is an excellent opportunity for a DSL. I could
>> I'm in the process of implementing neural networks too. I'd like to
>> share thoughts (here or off list). This would force me to write down
>> something:-)
>> I got stalled due to business demands but hope to find time to put
>> something on SM some time. From this thread I guess that you should
>> try the squeak binding to the fann library (fast artificial neural
>> networks).
>> Didn't try myself but sounds promising.
>> The most interesting of my own experiments is a self organising
>> feature map to cluster the information for a subsequent net. Maybe
>> because I made a graphic trainer, I'm easily impressed by
>> graphics :-))
>> Cheers,
>> Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at

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