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Damien Cassou damien.cassou at
Thu Sep 14 14:32:55 UTC 2006

Romain Robbes a écrit :
> Il giorno Sep 14, 2006, alle ore 3:46 PM, Damien Cassou ha scritto:
>> Hernan Tylim a écrit :
>>> Well, since Keymapping is also used by Romain's services (I think, 
>>> but probably we should ask him), and services are already part of the 
>>> image, I would add Keymapping and not Keybinder. Once keymapping is 
>>> in place one could re-write the window switcher to use a keybinding 
>>> from keymapping. All the other features of KeyBinder are already 
>>> present in keymapping.
> To make my package less big, I chose to remove the dependency with 
> keymapping.
> Right now I have a lightweight (one class) system to add a few keyboard 
> shortcuts.
> (alt-0 to alt-9, ctrl-0 to ctrl-9, ctrl-alt-0 to ctrl-alt-9, and 
> ctrl-alt-left, right, up and down).

Cool. Please tell me which package I have to include in the image.

Take care that on some keyboards (French ones for example), you have to 
press SHIFT+0 to have a '0'.

>> Can some of you implement window switcher in keymapping please ?
> I haven't tried it, so what are its functionalities?

Same as in operating systems when you press ALT+TAB: it displays a small 
dialog on which you can select the window with a snapshot. You may want 
to try to copy/paste the code from KeyBinder and see if it still works.

> I'm asking because there is a window switching service already in the 
> image as an example. 

How does it work ?

> You can bind the 'nextWindow' service to a keyboard shortcut.
> Then a previousWindow could be added as well, and that might be enough.

Please add on the wiki what should be done.

Damien Cassou

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