[ANN] Squeak Documentation Project

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Sep 21 15:58:23 UTC 2006

"Bakki Kudva" <bakki.kudva at gmail.com> writes:
> This is something the noobs need badly. How about creating a community
> documentation wiki like the RailsWiki
> http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails
> except it should be better organized by a team leader.
> My thoughts on this...
> I think it should have two broad sections.
> 1. Manuals
> Howtos, tutorials and long winded explanations
> 2. Language reference

Have you guys looked at the Documentation wiki area we already have?
It is linked from the front page of the wiki.


I'll append its table of contents.  In my view, we already have an
excellent documentation framework.  The place people can help is to
actually write these nice articles.


    For this page to be meaningful requires the effort of the whole
    Squeak comunity. To contribute see How to help us document Squeak.

Thanks, the management.


      About Squeak
          o The History of Squeak
                + The Early History of Smalltalk by Alan C. Kay
                + Travels with Smalltalk by Dave Thomas traces the larger history of Smalltalk up to the 90s
                + Quotes and anecdotes
                + Squeak's Place in the Universe 
          o Features
          o Supported platforms
          o License, see Squeak-L 
      Squeak and Smalltalk Basics
          o Smalltalk: A White Paper Overview by Harry Porter
          o Smalltalk overview
          o ANSI Smalltalk: the standard.
          o Learn Smalltalk
          o Squeak's programming language: Smalltalk and Squeak's dialect of it.
          o The Squeak and Smalltalk Glossary 

Getting started

    * Squeak FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Squeak
    * Reporting Bugs and Fixes
    * Squeak Mailing List
      Obtaining Squeak
          o Downloading Squeak 
      Installing Squeak
          o How do I install Squeak for Windows?
          o How do I install Squeak for Mac?
          o Download for Unix
                + Squeak for Debian Users 
          o BSD 
      Learning Squeak
          o Introductions to Squeak
          o Self Study course for learning Squeak.
          o The Newbie page
          o Squeak Cookbook %G–%@ HowTo
          o Squeak for Non-Native Speakers (pdf), by Noel Rappin of EchoBridge.
          o Squeak, the Smalltalk of the 21st. Century, by Germán Arduino. 

Using Squeak

      Interacting with Squeak
          o Squeak User Interface: working with Squeak's interface
          o Morphic: Squeak's newer graphics framework
          o MVC: The older graphics framework
                + Forms, Views, and Windows
                + The FormEditor 
          o Fonts in Squeak 
      Configuring and Tuning
          o User Preferences 
      Installing Applications
          o SqueakMap: Add Packages to your Image
          o SqueakMap Usage HOWTO: How to work with SqueakMap and the Package
          o Monticello concurrent versioning system for Squeak code. 
          o Postscript support 
          o Introduction to ImageSegments #3
          o Files and Directories 
          o Squeak Localization
          o Multilingual Support 
          o Sound and music
          o Video
          o Squeak-specific media
          o 3D
          o Presentation authoring
          o Presentaciones en Squeak, by Germán Arduino. This article is in Spanish, translators are welcomed! 
          o Internet integration
          o Mail
                + Celeste 
          o World Wide Web
                + Swiki
                + Comanche
                + SmallWiki 
          o Scamper 
          o Squeak Threading Model
          o FFI 

Programming with Squeak

            Basic Squeak Development Tools: 
            %G–%@ Browsers, Workspaces, Inspectors, etc.
          o SUnit S-Unit Testing Framework
          o Hello World programs %G–%@ Ways of how to make a simple 'Hello World' Application
          o Dependencies
          o Monticello concurrent versioning system for Squeak code. 
      Programming with the Squeak User Interface
          o BitBlt
          o see also Using Squeak
          o Block Closures %G–%@ Blocks in Squeak
          o Processes
          o Exception Handling 
          o Introduction to ImageSegments #3
          o Files 

Inside Squeak

    * System Documentation
    * The Squeak Image
      The Virtual Machine
          o VM Command Line Options
          o The Interpreter
          o Simulating the Interpreter: running the Squeak VM from within Squeak.
          o The Object Memory (the heap)
          o The Squeak Garbage Collector
          o Porting Squeak 

Bugs and Fixes

    * Reporting Bugs and Fixes
    * Bug Fixes Archive
    * Known Bugs
    * ClassDescription 


          o Squeak books in print %G–%@ Books about Squeak
          o Smalltalk books %G–%@ Books about Smalltalk in general
          o Videos and Presentations 
      Resources on the Internet
          o http://www.squeak.org/ %G–%@ The official Squeak Homepage
          o http://www.smalltalk.org/ %G–%@ The official Smalltalk Homepage
          o http://www.whysmalltalk.com/ %G–%@ huge collection of Tutorials, HowTos and much more about Smalltalk 
      Also see:
          o the class comments inside your Squeak image,
          o the available projects on various Super Swikis, and
          o the package descriptions in SqueakMap 

Miscellaneous - orphaned

      Older Front Page Links
          o Bibliography Online papers on Squeak, Smalltalk, and object-oriented programming - very extensive!
          o Modules - documentation about the modules/packages/repository system that was added to 3.3. (now obsolete!)
          o Squeak on Handhelds: running Squeak on machines like the iPaq.
          o Uncategorized Essays: miscellanous documentation that doesn't fit elsewhere.
          o Essays Wanted %G–%@ essays that it would be wonderful to have around, but which aren't.
          o Cash for Documentation %G–%@ help support the Squeak community by bidding for needed documentation 
      Cleanup - to be moved?
          o Cleanup/Enhancement Projects
          o Documentation
          o Morphic Cleanup Project (MCP)
          o EventRecorderMorph
          o Squeak Documentation Project (SDP)
          o Factoring Squeak 3.4+ into Packages
          o Finding Stewards for Packages 

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