[ANN] Squeak Documentation Project

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Thu Sep 21 16:04:55 UTC 2006

Matthew Fulmer wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 10:29:33AM -0400, Bakki Kudva wrote:
>> Hi Mathew,
>> This is something the noobs need badly. How about creating a community
>> documentation wiki like the RailsWiki
>> http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails
>> except it should be better organized by a team leader.
> I agree with you about the need for a community documentation
> wiki. However, we already have such a wiki. I think that we
> should stick with the existing minnow Swiki, rather than make a
> new one from scratch. The Swiki has a *lot* of information
> already; it just needs love to put it into a nice hierarchy. I
> know that Swiki is not the best wiki software at the moment,
> but it is nearly always better to work with what you have than
> to start over. And, if Squeak is as good as we say it is, Swiki
> should be the premiere wiki software in a couple of years
It does need a lot of love. It needs a lot of pruning and updating.
One option would be to select the appropriate content on minnow,
pruned/edit/improve it and place it in a new wiki (Pier Wiki?) in the
appropriate place. Maybe this "appropriate" place is an already made
hierarchy or however it is decided to organize the new wiki.
(personally, I'd like to see a dynamic mind map using connectors package
with seaside. Something like this: http://www.thebrain.com/ - you'll
need java plugin enabled to view)
The benefit to the editor(s) is that he gets to read and do a little
learning while editing into the new wiki.

Is there a documentation team?

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