DeltaStreams small update

Göran Krampe goran at
Thu Aug 23 13:01:04 UTC 2007


> Hi Göran,
> I refer to your proposed Delta File Format, with your remarks Human
> readable? encoding , (utf8? BOM or no BOM?) (put encoding in header?) and
> the Method Source preamble.

Note that I didn't write the lower part of the Swiki page. :) Not sure who
did. But I kept it anyway.

> It looks a bit wordy but, what do you think?

Well, honestly I don't like XML much. :)

But either we pick ONE single format (for simplicity) and then I am
leaning towards a simple chunk format very much like previous formats (.st
.cs). You know - KISS.

...or we allow multiple formats from the start and then an XML format is
of course a useful one to have for some people (I guess). Definitely for
cross-Smalltalk use.

Since I can't do all work I will focus on the simple chunk-format but will
take into account that the system may have multiple "parsers" to use when
reading/writing Deltas. Thus we can add more formats as we go. If you are
interested in helping with an XML-format, that would be nice! :)

Note though that file formats are still way off - my current goal is to
make a DSDelta be able to "record" all kinds of Changes in a correct way
using SystemNotifier, I am almost there.

Next goal is probably to implement #apply and #revert using SystemEditor.

After that we might be looking at external read/write. :)

regards, Göran

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