Pipe syntax and the current methods

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Aug 28 01:31:16 UTC 2007

> Bert> val := a.
> Bert> val := val msg.
> Bert> val := val msg1.
> Bert> val := val msg2.
> Bert> ^val
> Yeah, and this is single-steppable, and "self halt"-able.
> These pipe schemes seem more like pipe dreams. :)
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> Randal L. Schwartz - Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc. - 

I wouldn't say that, while the above may be simple, it's not very concise,
and it's no more debuggable.  Once in the dubugger you could easily
highlight and inspect the value of any inner expression without the need to
shove it into a temporary first.

Burt's pipe hack is quite nice and with the addition I posted the meta stuff
is optimized out very quickly and you end up with a pipe object doing
ordinary message sends.  It's also far more concise than the above without
being at all cryptic.

I'll take this any day

    ^val asPipe

Ramon Leon

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