SMTPClient and SSL

Richard Eng richard.eng at
Thu Dec 13 01:26:42 UTC 2007

Oh, and there was one other typo, too. I meant port 465, not 995. (It's so
easy to get these ports confused.)


On 12/12/07 8:10 PM, "Richard Eng" <richard.eng at> wrote:

> Sorry, you're right. A typo--I meant "email server".
> But I'm not sure you understand what I'm trying to do. *All* I want to do is
> to use SMTPClient to *send* an email (via something like Gmail). I *don't*
> care to fetch email through POP3.
> So, SMTPClient *is* the correct class/protocol.  :-)
> Do I need to use stunnel with SMTPClient? If so, how?
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Richard
> -------
> Hi!
>> I have a question about SMTPClient:
>> Can it negotiate with a SSL-enabled web server, such as Gmail?
> No. :) Eh... "web server" is not the right word here and SMTPClient is
> also the wrong class/protocol.
> To *fetch* email you need to use POP3 and yes, google tells me that gmail
> only offers POP3S - which is regular POP3 wrapped in SSL.
> But you can wrap it outside of Squeak using stunnel. Run stunnel locally
> listening on port xxx tunneling it to gmail:995. Then you use *POP3Client*
> and connect to localhost on port xxx.
> See for example:
> regards, Göran

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