SMTPClient and SSL

Rob Withers reefedjib at
Thu Dec 13 01:44:17 UTC 2007

There is an SSL impl in squeak.  The challenge we face is to get SMTPClient 
to run on top of an SSLSocket.   SSLSocket does not implement all of the 
protocol of a Socket.  Also, there is nothing which tells SMTPSocket to use 
an SSLSocket instead of a Socket.  You could write a subclass of SMTPClient 
called SMTPOverSSLClient and do the right thing connecting and we could 
extend SSLSocket to do the right thing.  I am willing to help.  Interested?


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Oh, and there was one other typo, too. I meant port 465, not 995. (It's so
easy to get these ports confused.)


On 12/12/07 8:10 PM, "Richard Eng" <richard.eng at> wrote:

> Sorry, you're right. A typo--I meant "email server".
> But I'm not sure you understand what I'm trying to do. *All* I want to do 
> is
> to use SMTPClient to *send* an email (via something like Gmail). I *don't*
> care to fetch email through POP3.
> So, SMTPClient *is* the correct class/protocol.  :-)
> Do I need to use stunnel with SMTPClient? If so, how?
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Richard
> -------
> Hi!
>> I have a question about SMTPClient:
>> Can it negotiate with a SSL-enabled web server, such as Gmail?
> No. :) Eh... "web server" is not the right word here and SMTPClient is
> also the wrong class/protocol.
> To *fetch* email you need to use POP3 and yes, google tells me that gmail
> only offers POP3S - which is regular POP3 wrapped in SSL.
> But you can wrap it outside of Squeak using stunnel. Run stunnel locally
> listening on port xxx tunneling it to gmail:995. Then you use *POP3Client*
> and connect to localhost on port xxx.
> See for example:
> regards, Göran

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