SMTPClient and SSL

Richard Eng richard.eng at
Thu Dec 13 04:14:48 UTC 2007

Unfortunately, I'm a Smalltalk newbie. (After 5 months, I still don't feel
all that knowledgeable.) So I'm the wrong person to tackle something like

Also, I just barely understand what a socket is.  :-(


There is an SSL impl in squeak.  The challenge we face is to get SMTPClient
to run on top of an SSLSocket.   SSLSocket does not implement all of the
protocol of a Socket.  Also, there is nothing which tells SMTPSocket to use
an SSLSocket instead of a Socket.  You could write a subclass of SMTPClient
called SMTPOverSSLClient and do the right thing connecting and we could
extend SSLSocket to do the right thing.  I am willing to help.  Interested?


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