Making Squeak more accessible and used - reversing the trend

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at
Wed Feb 7 22:06:59 UTC 2007

Bill Schwab wrote:
> Stef,
> You seem to be making my point w/o realizing it.  There is indeed no need for struggle (with our would-be users),

of course this is not the struggle I am talking about.

I'm talking about struggling to be popular. I just don't see the point. 
But this is only personal, and I understand a lot of people want to make 
it easier to do business with Squeak (that's what you call "realizing 
it's potential" I guess); so let it be if enough developers are 
motivated. I am not.

what I am interested into is keeping the true power of Squeak intact, 
and have it grow. to me its potential is already realized (realized as 
potential so to speak). if most "would-be users" don't see this power, 
too bad for them. that's what I call elitism: people have to deserve a 
profound and intelligent software such as Squeak by understanding its 
true nature (and certainly there is a lot we could do to help them climb 
the learning curve). this is true of any worthy art or science: you have 
to study to master it.

now if Squeak is to become the next big thing that's fine. I certainly 
do not "combat every attempt to provide OPTIONAL behavior" as you said 
(how did you come to believe this ?).

what I'm saying is that maintaining and improving Squeak is already a 
demanding task (actually just understanding it is already something :). 
this requires work, intelligence and creativity, plus there are risks: 
Squeak being a kind of living thing can become sick, it can also die. so 
we need to take care of it. to me the rest is secondary.

well this is just my opinion. I have no idea how many people would agree...



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