Design Principles Behind Smalltalk, Revisited

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>On Dec 30, 2006, at 9:09 AM, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
>>I've avoided RDBMS because I read a lot about the Object Relational  
>>mismatch in Squeak, Ruby, Python, etc. mailing lists. So how do I  store 
>>my millions of objects, search and access them. I could  easily store them 
>>in files and search via Swish-e. But managing  millions of files in the 
>>file system is kludge. Ugh. So I've been  thinking that I'm working harder 
>>on a kludge than it would be to  learn SQL and use PostgreSQL.
>>So with that nudge from you, I sit at my desk right now reading one  of my 
>>several SQL books. Thanks. :)
>Put down the book.
>You want to load up GLORP.  It rocks.  It is as easy to work with as  an 
>OODB, but much more flexible and is backed by PostgreSQL.  Grab a  copy of 
>squeak, load the postgres client, then load up glorp.  You're  golden.
>Except you need a meta model.  You can write one in glorp, you can  build 
>one with a GUI like Apple's EOModeler - free with WebObjects.   The EOGlorp 
>package will let GLORP work off of your EOModel files.   Once you have your 
>meta model, glorp is just like working with  objects.  You write queries in 
>Smalltalk like
>aDatabase readOneOf: User where: [:user | user login = 'jhouchin'].
>-Todd Blanchard

Tools like GLORP are very nice: they save you writing SQL directly.  But 
look at your line of code:  it is SQL in message form.

I wasn't talking about using embedded SQL in code.  I was talking about the 
back end data store.  IMO the data is often best modeled relationally.  Then 
you can set up any views you want and then use something like GLORP to 
access it.

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