Design Principles Behind Smalltalk, Revisited

Bernard Notarianni bernard.notarianni at
Tue Jan 2 12:04:31 UTC 2007

J J-6 wrote:
> But at the enterprise level (i.e. lots of different programs over a large 
> organization) I still see RDBMS as the winner.  And the reason I see it
> this 
> way is simply: SQL/RDB can be seen as a DSL system for dealing with set 
> data.  There is a tremendous amount of power built into it for this 
> particular domain that would be difficult to make more concise in another 
> way.  I suppose it is just a question of how comfortable one is with SQL.

I never had the opportunity to work on an Object Oriented Database (such as
Gemstone) used for integration between multiple applications, as would be a
RDB. I suppose it could offer very efficient, simple and powerfull solution
for integration.

Anyone has some feedback?

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