For $150, Third-World Laptop Stirs a Big Debate

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>Bill Gates has put enough money, and more importantly, time and energy
>into philanthropy in the developing world over the last number of years
>that I do not doubt the sincerity of his motives. Go take a quick look
>at the Gates Foundation web site.

Ok, my bad.  I was in error when I said he cares only about money.  He 
obviously cares about something else (depending on how pessimistic one is).

>Remember, it is a bitter pill for Bill Gates to swallow that his
>company's software is not the software we are concentrating on; if you
>were chairman and founder of Microsoft, you'd probably believe fervently
>in your product too.  To he and his company's credit, they have been
>much better about OLPC than Intel has been.

Has he offered his software for free for this project?  Or for the same 
price of what ever OS you are using?  If not then I can't see this of a case 
of someone being soar that they didn't get picked first for the baseball 

I don't hate Bill Gates.  He hasn't done anything that was more wrong then 
what others would have done if they had ended up in his position.  But I am 
not as optimistic about the sincerity of his motives either.

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