Monticello Versions and Bold Text

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Thu Jan 4 21:57:45 UTC 2007

On Jan 4, 2007, at 21:25 , Ramon Leon wrote:

> Recently, I've been having problem in some images where Monticello  
> no long
> correctly bolds newer versions of code.  After opening a  
> repository, the
> left column now shows all loaded packages as bold rather than just  
> loaded
> packages with newer versions available.  The right column now bolds  
> and
> underlines the loaded package, rather than just bolding newer  
> packages as it
> did before.  I have no idea why the sudden change, has anyone seen  
> this
> before?

Which image, which MC, which ToolBuilder version? There have been  
problems in the past, like when in 3.8 PluggableListMorph was  

- Bert -

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